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Today, technical background, especially in the sphere of IT and science, is in high demand. Getting in the top university means to ensure a successful career in giants like IBM, Google, BAE Systems, and Xerox. These multinational corporations are collaborating with the best technical universities all around the world, selecting their workers from graduates of these schools.

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The process of studying IT and Computer Science combines the study of theory and practice.

On the pre-university or a bachelor level, most courses are theoretical in essence. They suggest learning the basics of computer science, operating systems, programming, software, databases, and algorithms. Traditionally, these programs aim for the development of knowledge in the field of elementary and higher mathematics.

Afterwards, the student can receive more targeted and practical specialization.

Interesting to Know

In addition to basic, traditional specialties, many universities offer relevant and interesting courses in the field of IT. For example, the Bournemouth University offers the Master’s degree in computer animation and visual effects. Australian RMIT leads courses in programming computer games and mobile applications.

Microsoft Scholarship Program

It is designed for students of US, Canada, and Mexico universities. Here you can study computer science and technology, engineering, and mathematics. To receive the scholarship, you must have good academic results, a strong interest in computer science, and excellent leadership qualities.

Top Universities

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University of Waikato, New Zealand

It is an innovative institution that offers innovative programs in the field of computer technology. Here you can get a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or Ph.D. in computer science, software engineering, computer graphic design or cyber security. The university is known for its research activity and is perfect for students who are going to study science, engineering or development of computers and software.

The cost is 16,000-18,000 dollars.

Iowa State University, the USA

The university offers courses in the three main areas: electronic engineering, computer engineering, and software engineering. It also offers a convenient online learning format.

The cost of studying is 18,000-20,000 dollars.

Bournemouth University, England

It is in the top 20 schools that teach disciplines connected with communications, computer engineering, and media. The graduates of university programs “Computer Animation” have worked on such films as “Lord of the Rings”, “Gladiator”, and “Star Wars.”

The cost of studying is 20,700 dollars.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

The Universiti Teknologi Malaysia has taught a lot of expert engineers and IT-specialists who today work in Malaysia and other Asian countries. The available specializations are computer networks, security, multimedia, graphics software, and software engineering, IT-management, and bioinformatics. The faculty of Computer Science is one of the main faculties in the college. Here you can obtain more info on this university and its courses.

The cost of training is 8,000-10,000 dollars.


Every IT-specialist today wants to work in a well-known company, for example, in the Silicon Valley, or open their company and promote their own ideas and products. Nowadays everything is available; it is enough to have a good education and a real dream!

Over the past 10 years, computers have become a part of people’s lives; we have learned how to interact with them. However, despite this, computers are sophisticated technology, and the world needs specialists to create, improve and repair them

The graduate who studied IT and computer science can work not only in a computer company. Today, probably every organization needs a professional to provide technical support.

So, IT-specialists can work in any field, and basic knowledge of computer technology make any young specialist more independent.

Here are just a few professions that graduates who studied IT can get:

  • Application Developer;
  • Developer of computer games;
  • Software Engineer;
  • Information Security Specialist;
  • Search Engine Optimizer;
  • Computer technician.

Duration and Cost

Most IT-specialists seek to obtain a Master’s degree. It provides an opportunity to compete successfully in the labor market, because many students today are studying computer science too.

Traditionally, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are available for 4-5 years of study. The Computer Science Degree programs are quite costly. For example, at the Bournemouth University, 1 year of training is 20,700 dollars. The lowest cost of training at the Technological University of Malaysia is 8,000-10,000 dollars.

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Why Should You Not Start in a Big Company?

Big companies differ from small businesses by predictable career development. The chances to get on the top floor are minimal. Firstly, the upper rungs are freed very slowly, and secondly, the number of talented people who are fighting to reach the top is very large. No matter how much you work, your contribution is invisible in a huge corporation; it is just blurred. In the company which is still growing, you can quickly learn how to work and build a good career. The sooner the company grows, the more opportunities you have.

There is always a distance between higher education and the real work. Five years ago, these courses did not exist. However, this is not a reason to give up on higher education and think that you can learn everything by yourself. The university provides the foundation for the development of a real specialist.

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