Principles And Applications of Adult Learning

In this assignment you will outline core principles of Andragogy and the Learner’s Need to Know. 1.In this assignment you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation outlining chapter 9. 2.Please include enough detail to make your PowerPoint comprehensive, with at least 3 major concepts from the chapter. 3.The slideshow presentation must be a minimum of 12 slides.

Slide One should be the title page with the participant’s name. •The final slide should include all of the sources used. •Each slide must have at least one citation. •You must include notes. Your PowerPoint should have eye appeal and bullets. The detail should be in the notes.

  • If you do not have access to PowerPoint, you may use a Microsoft Word document (or rich text format [rtf] file extension), making each slide a separate page. Any notes associated with a slide should also be on a separate page with the designation, “Notes”.

Textbooks (Required):

Knowles, M.A., Holton, E.F. Swanson, R.A. (2015). The Adult Learner. (8th Ed.) London: Elsevier.

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