Essay About the Concept of Rivalry: Does Rivalry Spoil People?

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We will remind you that an essay should consist of an introduction, theses, arguments, and conclusion. In this article, we will show you how to write an essay. Let us start!

The most powerful force that dictates general conditions of the market functioning is the level of development of competitive relations on it. Etymologically, the word “competition” comes from the Latin “concurrentia”. It means “collision” or “competition”. However, there are significant differences in the interpretation of the idea of competition. First and foremost according to the level of its development, the society internationalizes the ability of its economic entities to ensure national progress in a competitive mode, involving the full mobilization of skills and abilities of each person. Read More

Programs: Apps or Mobile

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Today, technical background, especially in the sphere of IT and science, is in high demand. Getting in the top university means to ensure a successful career in giants like IBM, Google, BAE Systems, and Xerox. These multinational corporations are collaborating with the best technical universities all around the world, selecting their workers from graduates of these schools.

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Program for Creative Individuals

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Many people consider themselves as creative individuals, and this reflects in their interests or hobbies. At the same time, nothing prevents a person from turning their interest not only into the hobby but also into the profession. The most talented and creative people today have the potential for career development on the international level!

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18+ Education: Where to Study Sex, Drugs, and Death

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Talking about death, we usually use elegant euphemisms; we avoid the question “Where do babies come from?”, and about drugs we usually say something bad or nothing. As a rule, only the experience fills the gaps in the knowledge of this kind. However, these topics can in fact be the subject of serious scientific interest.

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