Disease in the News

Health Care and Life SciencesPaper instructions:Write a review of a journal, newspaper or magazine article that you recently read concerning a disease trend. Example: AIDS, the bird flu, tuberculosis.Write a 700 word page paper that contains the following:IntroductionWhat is the article about?Does t

OL 215: Principles of Management

Read the Forbes article “Five new management metrics you need to know” and then consider the following:Author James Slavet speaks of improving an organization at the “atomic level.” Do you agree? Do the organizational controls you have learned about in this module address the atomic level, or do the

Comedic devices

English and LiteraturePaper instructions:Come up with your own examples of comedic devices.Create two, original comedic devices. You may choose to create a greeting card OR to create a short scene for a television show. Both options may not be copied or borrowed from any other sources.Tell what type


You can choose to live in either a socialist country or a capitalist country. In a 2-4 page essay, please describe your living conditions. In your answer, you need to address the following concerns:1.    Type of Government  2.    Socio-economic conditions

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated BibliographyAn Annotated Bibliography is the result of a critical review of sources of information and the organization of those sources in preparation for writing the Research Project. The description and evaluation of sources allows students to choose specific sources of information that

Leading Change Through Research

A change leader in education seeks creative solutions to effect positive social change in education. Within the context of your current pursuit of a PhD in Education, you are in the process of identifying dissertation topics that examine new ideas and/or insights for the purpose of effecting positiv

financial reporting

Explore either or both of these accounting topics depending on the findings of your research (are they one in the same, different treatments, or do they hold some other relationship). Discuss the pros and cons and whether you agree or disagree with the treatment(s). To support your opinions, locate