Passive vs active student

Paper instructions:INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE ESSAYENG101: English CompositionModule 8: Compare and ContrastCompare and Contrast EssayIn a Compare/Contrast essay, you must do exactly what the description of the essay says, i.e., compare or contrast two items, evaluating their resemblances and differe

Policy Change Effect on College Students

Traditional Research Paper Description: You will write a 1,250-1,500 word research paper in which you propose a policy change that has a direct effect on college students. It may, however, have effects for others as well; in other words, it must have an effect on college studen

Contemporary Security Issues

Using current news articles originating from newspapers, magazines, or the Internet, and at least one scholarly source (trade journal, industry paper, etc.), write a  paper that identifies two contemporary issues concerning either security as a profession or a specific organizational problem.&n;

Assignment 3: Fraud Techniques

Today, there are many industries that remain vulnerable to electronic fraud. For this assignment, you will need to research the Internet for organizations that remain vulnerable and the hacking or fraud techniques they have encountered in the recent years.Write a 3-4 page paper in which you:1. Ident