The fusion of movies and video games

The fusion of movies and video gamesAs well as audio and video as the main means of communication, the same to the audio-visual experience as the way to have fun and enjoy, withRoughly the same target market has a close relationship between movies and video games, and presents a kind of the whole pa

Exploring Accountability Issues, Impacts, and Procedures

Section 2: Exploring Accountability Issues, Impacts, and ProceduresTesting and Measurement: Different types of tests can provide different kinds of information. In this Section, learners will examine norm-referenced and criterion referenced tests and their value in regard to making educational decis


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White-collar crime has come of age. Instead of confidence swindles and stings, computers are the tool for the new age-criminal. Address the following in the paper:• Describe three of the new-age crimes termed “white collar crime.”• Identify criminal investigative techniques employed in the w

critical thinking

1- if you feel you have improved your critical thinking skills, describe both the nigative ( i.e. skeptism and doubt ) and positive ( i.e. seeing implication, generation ideas, etc.) aspects of approaching your study of human behavior from a critical perspective. please  use examples to illustr


Paper instructions:For 20 points and in at least 4 sentences, watch the youtube video “Milgram experiment clip” (black and white version) by Jeroen Busscher, describe the experiment, and give your thoughts on it.For 20 points and in at least 4 sentences, watch the youtube video “The Stanford P

Korea: the unkown war, by John Halliday

As you write your report, start by writing the name and author of the book at the top margin (1 inch down from the paper’s top edge) of your first page of text in this format:Vargas, Zaragosa. (1993) Proletarians of the North: A History of Mexican Industrial Workers in Detroit and the Midwest, 191