IM / IT Analysis

Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you:    Determine, within the health care setting, the main features, capabilities, and operational benefits to a health care organization using the following:        patient care applications        mana

Solyndra Essay

Discuss the legal and ethical issues surrounding Solyndra, the California based solar panel manufacturer.  You will need to research the company through the University library. Incorporate two to three specific laws or ethical codes that apply to the situation.  Discuss how the philosophy

communist countries

Choose one of the following three communist countries – Vietnam, Cuba, or North Korea – and compare its form of communism to that of USSR or China. Include information about its economic environment, human rights, government structure, selection of leaders, and political culture in your paper.

Becoming American, Becoming Ethnic

Becoming American, Becoming EthnicWrite an essay discussing your ethnic identity and that of your ancestors (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles). How far back can you go to trace your ethnic roots? What aspects of ethnic culture (language, traditions, customs, holidays) do you or your family prese

Robert Frost Influences

Project descriptionInstructionsAnswer the following essay question:To what extent did certain events in the life of poet Robert Frost influence the style of his writing in regards to dialogue and action/ interaction between characters in his poetry? Do certain characters or events in his life symbol


Business Assume that the corporation you work for is exploring the idea of expanding into foreign markets or a new foreign market. What issues should your company explore before deciding whether to export or to engage in foreign direct

The Unmotivated Gifted Student

Describe the topic fully & how it relates to education of the gifted student. Include material that would be useful for gifted education teachers.  Critical thinking should go into the paper as you develop the topic. Cover the breadth & depth of the subject matter. Min 5 resources.

B-to-C Web sites

( four pairs of companies in total). Study their B-to-C Web sites and write a report (in 3 – 4 pages, at least 1200 words) to compare each other and address the pros and cons of each site.1. vs. Barnes and Noble2. Walmart vs. Target3. Home Depot vs. Lowe’s4. Macy’s vs. SearsYou need