Ethics and Relativism/ Animal Rights

PhilosophyPaper instructions:1.Our text discusses the challenge relativism presents to various ethical and religious viewpoints. Consider a specific moral question which might make it difficult to accept the relativist’s response. State the moral issue involved, and provide an explanation as to wh

Benefit of Sustaining Life

Benefit of Sustaining Life Blog: Cost/Benefit of Sustaining Life Discuss the cost/benefit analysis of extending a life. Consider the impact to a family of the continued paycheck as contrasted with the ongoing expense of healthcare for a seriously ill individual. 


This course has covered American history from the presidency of Andrew Johnson to George W. Bush. In this period, 26 men served as president. In an essay of 500-600 words, which president do you think left the boldest mark on American History? Why? Your essay should present the events that serve as

Variable and Fixed Costs

Prepare a contribution margin (behavioral, variable) income statement for Herrestad Company, compare net operating profit from a contribution margin income statement with net income from an absorption income statement, and explain why this difference happens.

Political science

Political scienceThe mass media plays a key role during an election campaign. In what ways has the media coverage of election campaign s changed over the past 50 years, and what are the effects on election outcomes?


Management What medical information should be confidential? Who, if anybody, should have access to medical records?

Leadership Assessment

Organizational leaders are expected to create realistic visions for their companies and the employees they guide, but these visions often have characteristics or properties that differ. There is, therefore, the realization that there is no one best leadership style to guide employees toward accompli