Apple Inc. Big Business Over Ethics

Based on the findings,Apple Inc’s use of sweatshop labor,and anti-competitive behavior, you will evaluate what these legal and ethical implications may have and what types of laws or regulations you would recommend be put into place in order for this not to happen again in the future. (For example

Attitudes towards real life brands in their virtual world

Your task is to write the introduction to the capstone project about virtual world of brands. You need to describe the current situation of virtual branding and the most active brands in the virtual world. Also write about the background literature and sources.To write a capstone project, you should


The purpose of the project should be: to find a business that has problem(s) and need solution that can be solved with at least one of the modules that we learned in this course (Knowledge Management, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Management Information Science.)  The p


To explore the role of retail experience play in clothing select shops and consumers motivation in Beijing China.this structure is as below:1. To contextualize the clothing select shops (CSS) market in Beijing.-Beijing economic overview-the change of fashion retail format in Beijing- VS traditional

Psychology and Education

Paper instructions:Choose a fictional character, write up your subjects background and any relevant information to your analysis of the subjects personality based on personality theories that you’ve learned in class. Analyze the subject’s personality and provide examples to support your analysis