Health sciences and medicine

1) The general public equates the word health with health care. Polls asking people about their health typically result in responses about their health care experiences. How would you define health, and how would you assess how healthy a population is if you could ask the people in that population o

Enhance Learning through Play

You are the newest employee of the Step 2 toy company.No reaserch is needed, no references, this is a creative writing.Your first job is to design a play center for their very important clients, 5 year old Joey, and his sister, 3 year old Sara.Joey and Sara’s parents report that the siblings are h

economy expanding or contracting

Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you research the current state of the economy. Include answers the following:• Is the current economy expanding or contracting? Why?• What is the current prime rate?• What are the current interest rates on credit cards?• What is the current unemploymen

Security Plans

Read the Security Plans and follow the instructions found below for completing the case study:MPSETCThe student will design a comprehensive Security Plan for the Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center that, at a minimum, identifies the facility assets requiring protection, the critical

In a two- to four-page paper

In a two- to four-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) explain the differences between “brand name” and “corporate image,” and conclude if these terms are related. Provide examples to support your position.

levels of academic achievement and functional performance

1,750 to 2,450 words, develop IEP components based on the selected student’s current levels of performance.1. Present levels of academic achievement and functional performance (PLAAFP): Describe specific strengths and needs in academic achievement (reading, mathematics, and written expression), as

Organisation HRM

Modernising Modical Career(MMC) is an online programme for postgraduate medical training introduced in the UK from 2005 onwards. IT was devised and implemented by a think tank at the central policy offices of the National Health Service(NHS). For many years there have been concerns about the Uk medical workforce,in particular the postgraduate medical training system. The most prominent of these centred on the poor training and indifferent career prospects experienced by some doctors at Senior House Officer(SHO) level and by many of those in Staff Grade and Associate Specialist(SAS) posts(online

Therefore, the Modernising Medical Career(MMC) programme of work was established in 2003 to addresss these difficulties. In this line, MMC was intended to improve patient care by improving medical education with a transparent and efficient career path for doctors.More specifically, Modernising Medical Career is an online job application system for junior doctors fill in a website based questionnaire and application form. Also, completion of the questionnaire and application form gives a point score; and from this decisons are made anonymously by a centrally based HR and jobs offers system.

The system,however,has ben dogged by criticism within and outside the medical profession. As it quickly became apparent that the database itself was not secure,this has led to controversy and allegations made by students that their applications had been tampered with or altered. There was no guarantee either of the integrity of the form completion process and in may cases, forms that had been fully filled in were incomplete when they were downloaded by prospective employers. Also, the application process has had technical problems and was criticised over the weighting and marking of the applications, with one London training school calling it unfair and ineffective in resigning from the process.

Also, the House of Commons Health Select Committee published a report into the Governments handling of the Modernising Medical Careers(MMC)  reforms on 8 May 2008. The report was highly critical of the way in which the reforms were managed,highlighting failings in leadership,governance and policy development. The inquiry exposed serious problems with the management of MMC reforms, and particularly the introduction of the Medical Training application Service(MTAS). The Committtee criticised the Chief Medical Officer(CMO) for a lack of leadership and medical profession for the lack off a coherent voice. MPs also found co-ordination between the Department of Health(DH) and the Home Office;inadequate in handling attempts to restrict medical migration.

To the worst, as it was perceived sufficiently poorly within the medical profession,its implementation was ultimately boycotted by senior doctors around the UK.

ANSWER ALL 4 Questions

1) Search the MMC in the internet and provide a brief description of its HRM strategy and practices. (WEIGHTING: 25%), (Wordage: 1000)

2) What factors and practices do you believe are important in explaining the failure of MMC from a Human Management Perspective?  (Weighting: 25%), (Wordage:1000)

3) What HRM strategies would you recommend for this organization? Why have you chosen them? (Weighting:25%), (Wordage: 1000)

4) What HRM policies and practices would you suggest towrds improving the function and publicity of MMC? (Weighting:25%, (Wordage:1000)

(Total Weighting: 100%) , (Total Wordage:

Refer to the RMO CSMS domain model class diagram shown in Figure 4-23 on page 111 of the textbook and the discussion of subsystems in Chapter 3.

Refer to the RMO CSMS domain model class diagram shown in Figure 4-23 on page 111 of the textbook and the discussion of subsystems in Chapter 3.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

  1. Using Microsoft Visio or an open source alternative such as Dia, create a domain model class diagram for the RMO CSMS marketing subsystem. Note: The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length.
  1. Provide a narrative describing your diagram that includes:
    1. An overview of the diagram
    2. An analysis of the different classes in the diagram
  2. Use at least three (3) quality resources outside of the suggested resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.


Technology and Health Care Paper

Paper instructions:As a member of ABC Consultants, you have been hired by a large organization to develop an innovated approach using current technology in health care delivery. This can be a product, a service, or an application.Choose an organization in a sector including, but not limited to, phar