Health Economics and Comparative Health Systems

The major focus of this report is to promote critical reading and economic analysis skills. This includes developing critical analysis skills i.e. identifying short comings, limitations and what works well, and questioning of how things are done from an economic perspective. Deeper learning also inc

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Fair-Minded Qualities No Plagiarism Perfect Grammer Structor and again No Plagiarism!!!!

After reading each of the qualities needed to be a fair-minded thinker, pick one quality you feel you possess and describe how you fulfill this quality. Then choose two qualities that you need to improve upon and describe why you chose these two qualities. You will need to include a detailed plan (500-600 words) for overcoming the obstacles that are preventing you from fulfilling the characteristics of the two qualities you have chosen

Managerial Accounting

As EECs corporate business financial analyst, you will be required to provide the EEC board of directors and executive management team with essential financial information on the management of the EEC enterprise. In a memo to the board of directors, discuss the information found in each of the following financial statements and how that information is used for the planning, controlling, and decision making of the company. Also, discuss what some of the reports and ratios are that the following financial statements can help you develop. (As you analyze the statements listed below, keep in mind that these statements are the foundation of financial accounting and are developed from transactions that happened during the time period of the statement. This information is used by external users as well as internal users. Managerial accounting focuses on the use from the internal user perspective. The information from these statements is used to analyze and establish budgets, forecast, variance reports, and ratios, among other things, with the key being that they are only used internally).

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Statement of cash flows
  • Statement of stockholders’ equity

Social Science

Write a short paper (maximum three pages, double-spaced) choosing one of these social work systems: child welfare, legal, or welfare (also known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF).

  • How are social problems typified (or socially constructed) in this system?
  • How are social justice issues framed in this system?
  • Explain and evaluate what social workers do when working in this system (this is a micro system perspective).
  • How do they obtain clients?
  • How do they assess needs, and design and deliver interventions?
  • What theoretical approaches guide their practices? (Refer back to Unit 4s introductions on theoretical approaches.)
  • How do they validate their processes and practices (how do they know their interventions work)?
  • What do they need in terms of education, certification, and experience to work in this system?
  • How does the social work system influence the social problems in this system? (This is a macro system perspective.)
  • What is your appraisal of the relationship between the philosophical intentions of social work, the American mindset regarding this system and the people involved, and the social system itself?

Creating a Flyer for ENA (Emergency Nurses Association)

NursingChoose a professional nursing organization that relates to the nursing profession or your clinical practice area. Assuming that you are the chairperson of membership for the organization, create a full page flyer designed to recruit new members to the professional organization. In your flyer,