Recent Federal Acts and Social JusticeThe Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act of the 21st Century form the foundation of the United States’ domestic response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Many legal and political voices have advocated that these acts have resulted in a redu


Introduction:Economists use elasticity to measure consumer responsiveness to changes in the various determinants associated with demand. Elasticity addresses percentage changes i.e. a percentage change in quantity demanded divided by a percentage change in (own price, the price of another good, or i

Book titled: Smartest guys in the room

They have asked your group to write the chapter on Enron. In addition to highlighting a failure of leadership and how that is related to Enron’s ultimate failing, they would like you to pick two concepts from your studies of managing conflict, influence, power, and authority and use those to expla

What is Etsys

What is Etsys? 1. What is Etsy?s business model and revenue model? 2. How does Etsy?s Brooklyn headquarters depicted in the video reflect the culture and values of the company? 3. How important is ?community? at Etsy? Visit Etsy?s Web site and describe all of its community-building features. 

Hemingway Short Story Essay

 Instructions uploaded here: Stories that can be used: Old Man at the Bridge Indian Camp Gambler, Nun, and the Radio My Old Man Capital of the World


CRITICALLY ANALYSE the implementation of HRM strategy from the line manager”s perspective (see interview attached), focus on the 2 HR functions (performance management & conflict resolution) in relevance to academic SHRM literature.


Biology 1: Prepare and present a Class Presentation: this should take the form of a speech and PowerPoint Presentation. 2: Prepare a Class Handout: This should Summarize the information in your presentation and provide a quick study guide for the other students 

Phys 2211

3. Your spreadsheet should be saved or exported in either .xls (Excel)   or .odf (Open office) format. I use Open Office, but either format   will be fine.4. You are to work on this assignment by yourself. No outside help is   allowed. If you don`t know anything about s

Marketing Metrics

Financial metrics have been used for a long time for managerial decision making. In recent years, firms have also begun to use marketing metrics for decision making. However, the extent of the use of marketing metrics differs from one firm to another.Your brief is toDiscuss the implications of the u