Critical Response Paper

Critical response papers are not reviews or evaulatios of the film. Students should interrogate the film from the perspective of in-class discussions, lectures, and readings. Students should respond to content, formal aspects (like the use of sound, color, performance, genre, etc.). Students may als

On November 1, 2012, the following were the account balances of Tate Equipment Repair.

On November 1, 2012, the following were the account balances of Tate Equipment Repair.

During November, the following summary transactions were completed.
Nov. 8 Paid $1,220 for salaries due employees, of which $600 is for November and $620 is for October salaries payable.
10 Received $1,800 cash from customers in payment of account.
12 Received $1,700 cash for services performed in November.
15 Purchased store equipment on account $3,600.
17 Purchased supplies on account $1,300.
20 Paid creditors $2,500 of accounts payable due.
22 Paid November rent $480.
25 Paid salaries $1,000.
27 Performed services on account and billed customers for services provided $900.
29 Received $750 from customers for services to be provided in the future.
Adjustment data:
1. Supplies on hand are valued at $1,100.
2. Accrued salaries payable are $480.
3. Depreciation for the month is $250.
4. Unearned service revenue of $500 is earned.
(a) Enter the November 1 balances in the ledger accounts. (Use T accounts.)
(b) Journalize the November transactions.
(c) Post to the ledger accounts. Use Service Revenue, Depreciation Expense, Supplies Expense, Salaries and Wages Expense, and Rent Expense.
(d) Prepare a trial balance at November 30.
(e) Journalize and post adjusting entries.
(f ) Prepare an adjusted trial balance.
(g) Prepare an income statement and a retained earnings statement for November and a classified balance sheet at November30.

Sixth Sense Technology

Watch the clip on Sixth Sense Technology here: some additional research into this technological development. Then read pp. 207-214 of the Gurak text and write a short report on the ethical implications of Sixth Sense or similar techno

Understanding of criminal justice

ASL111 Understanding Criminal JusticeResearch and Writing ExerciseDrawing on a range of academic sources, provide a 1500 word response to one ofthe four research and writing exercise topics. These topics are based upon a keyissue that is covered in the first half of the unit.A key component of this